Ansel Adams elevated the importance of photographic print techniques, contending that “The negative is comparable to the composer’s score and the print to its performance.” Reluctantly, we are concluding Light’s publication. To bring this last year’s thematic sequence to closure, we solicit contributions of finished works.

Photographers understand the necessity of perfectly focused and composed film negatives. But the celluloid documentation of light exposure is only the medium through which artists display their finest techniques and most creative insights.

So we exhort poets to look at your collection of completed pieces. Consider what touches you might risk with a piece that has already reached its accepted finality. Would you, like an artisanal printer, enhance details by ‘burning’ them in with selective emphasis. Would you chance ‘dodging’ facets to enhance obscurity and ambiguity by making clear details less distinct. What
elements might you polish to unexpected radiance with a few intuitive rewordings?


We invite all our past contributors to join with writers lately aware of Light. Show us beguiling spontaneous improvisations on some of your finished productions. We cannot print poems that have already been published online or in print media. That constraint doesn’t change. But every poet has a backlog of pieces that reached completion but never found publication. Take out these compositions and burnish them. Give us a new performance that exemplifies your artistry.



Light - A Journal of Photography & Poetry is published quarterly.  It is available as both an ePublication and a Print publication.  


We select the best original work. Submitted photographs and poems cannot have been previously published in print or online. With your work, include a brief biographical statement. Be sure to provide URL's to your personal websites. While Light takes simultaneous submissions, contact us immediately if your work will be published first elsewhere so it can be removed from consideration.  We can only consider poetry submissions written in the English language.

We will strive to notify contributors of decisions within sixty days of receipt. As Light is a themed journal and will be edited holistically, final decisions might take longer. We’ll work to give you a timely response.

For your art to be published by Light, you must agree to grant us (1) First North American Serial Rights, (2) all archival rights for the journal, and (3) rights to reprint your work in any future editions of Light. We retain the rights to reproduce the material as issues of Light. The artist retains copyright of the work and is free to have it republished or exhibited in other media.

We solicit poetry and photography that responds to a quarterly theme. We look for work that resonates with us emotionally and intellectually. Be bold or subtle, dark or radiant, dangerous or constrained, but, most importantly, be you. Show the words and images that embody your vision.

We welcome work from both established and emerging artists. Black and white photography is preferred, although color will be considered.  Poems should be no more than forty lines long and fit on a single page. The journal’s design aesthetic is integral to our choice of content.



Submit your best work

Light receives over 1000 poems and photographs per issue and this continues to grow. There are between 80 and 116 pages per issue. You may not get in the first, second or even third time you submit; do not be discouraged.  

Read the journal

Please read the journal either online, or in print to get a sense of what we are looking for.  Combining these two art forms is challenging and just as important as aesthetics is the thematic rhythm of the entire issue.  


Sign up to receive e-mails

We send out e-mails announcing submission deadlines, new issues and other time sensitive information.  We never share your information with anyone so please sign up.


Simultaneous Submissions

We appreciate your enthusiasm at the prospect of publishing your work in Light. However, Light's policy of permitting simultaneous submissions is offered as a courtesy to our remarkable contributors. We permit contributors the flexibility of submitting work already in consideration by other publishers; in return, we require that we are notified immediately when you have agreed to have it printed elsewhere via e-mail:


Submit every 6 months
Understand the rules of the different submission types

Light offers the category of "Individual Submission" for submissions of up to five poems or photographs. Each piece is taken on its own merits. 


Light offers the category of "Collection" for a series of thematically or technically interrelated poems or photographs. The point of the "Collection" is that the pieces clearly support each other. We'll want to publish all or a significant selection of them and make the photographer or poet one of the issue's featured contributors.


Please be aware that we judge "Collection" entries more critically. A series that contains a mixed bag of terrific and so-so, less compelling works will likely be removed from further consideration. To show the range and variety of your works to their best advantage, submit them as an individual submission. We'll happily offer to publish some or all of your individual works if they leave us gawping with wonder and delight.


Please don't try to play the field by submitting all your artistic inventory: five works in an "Individual Submission," ten in an additional "Collection," and another twelve in a second "Collection." As is the case with the arts journals we admire, we request that our artists be their own best editors. Send us only your most exceptional unpublished work. Offering fifteen poems to choose from won't enhance your likelihood of getting printed in Light.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us:

Three (3) Ways to Submit

You may submit up to 5 individual photographs or poems for consideration.  They will be considered as single submissions and need not be related.


You may submit a Portfolio or Collection of 5-10 images or poems.  This type of submission requires that the images or poems be considered as a single coherent series.


For this type of submission, we are looking for an artistic team made up of a photographer and a poet or an individual who acts as both. Submit a project of up to 10 photographs and poems to be considered as a whole.


No Submission Fee


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